Sunrise in Collingwood

While on a family weekend getaway in Collingwood to celebrate the beginning of the summer, I awoke at 4:30 am to capture the sunrise over Georgian Bay. From seven people, only my wife and nephew joined me for the early shoot. Not sure about them, but for me, it was totally worth it.

Toronto Colour Run 2015

I knew some people participating in the annual colour run, which looked like so much fun I decided to join them for 2016, despite having no interest in running. I only packed my zoom lens, to get close as possible to the runners, and stay as far away as possible from the explosions of coloured powder. (Turns out, I did get a little on my camera and lens, but it came off easily with no damage).

Cherry Blossoms 2015

For my third time experiencing the short-lived beauty of the Cherry Blossoms, I had camera in toe once again. The first time was a dawn-time photoshoot, and the second time I decided to focus on the people. This time, I used a neutral density filter to increase shutter times dramatically. This gave some of the photos a strange look, with people blurred as they moved, and the slight movement of the trees emitting a ghostly glow.

Zombiewalk 2014

The annual Zombiewalk in Toronto is an amazing event for photographers. In no other public situation are so many people willing and eager to have their photos taken. I’m always impressed with the creativity these zombies put into their costumes, everything from subversively comical to classy.

For this photoshoot, I purposely underexposed each photo, then treated each photo with HDR (high dynamic range) processing for a dark and gritty effect.

My favourite zombies include the Mickey Mouse zombie, the Charlie Chaplin zombie, and the 8-bit zombies.

Song Talk Radio graphics

In addition to co-creating, co-producing, and co-hosting the weekly program Song Talk Radio, I also designed the show’s logo and business card, and co-designed the website and monthly electronic newsletter.

Song Talk Radio is a very safe space for me, and at times, a great venue for me to express my creative side in clever ways. For this logo design, I used musical symbols in place of letters, and of course, the photo we used shows the camaraderie and humour of the team.

Cheltenham Badlands

It looks like you’re in Alberta, but the Cheltenham Badlands are actually very close to Toronto. Not much bigger than a city block, it’s a little gem of undulating red shale hills. The distinctive colour is produced by iron oxide. Due to a lot of people climbing over the rocks, the site was closed to human traffic in 2015.

All of these images used HDR, or high dynamic range photography.

Havana, Cuba trip

Organized as a group for photographers, we made the conscious choice to stay in the old part of Havana instead of a resort. Havana had been, and continues to, go through a massive transformation as the old city becomes gentrified and joins the global community. Often you’d see a crumbling old building next door to a brand new, Starbucks type cafe.

The best thing about going with a group of 30 photographers? “Who wants to get up at 5 a.m. and take some sunrise photos?” Five hands go up.

According to the locals, the classic cars are kept with great pride by the owners, often restoring the exterior while replacing the engine with a modern one.

We also took a day trip to Vinales, a small town in the lush, green countryside outside Havana.

The Havana of yesterday is quickly disappearing, and it was a great opportunity to capture it in photos before it’s gone forever.

Event photography

During my time with ONPHA, I was responsible for delegate photography at the Association’s Annual Conference, as well as event photography at housing provider sites, and building photography when needed.  The photos were used for future marketing of the events as well as education courses and general stock photos for the Quick Connections newsletter, Annual Report, and website.

At the annual conferences, photos taken were quickly edited and compiled together with sponsor and marketing slides for a looping slideshow during the banquet dinner.  Delegates were always delighted at seeing their faces on the large screens mere hours after the photos were taken.

ONPHA Awards videos

I was responsible for selecting photographs and videos to reflect the award winner narrative.  This often required some creative use of stock photos to fill gaps as a result of too few or irrelevant photos from the award winner.

See the complete list of award videos (2008 to 2013).

Trade show booth

I worked with the signage company to design the trade show booth for the ONPHA annual conference.  The design had to satisfy several criteria, including reflecting the association’s member-driven service and the educational resources we provided.  Most of the photos used were shot by myself at various ONPHA and member events.

Use of Photoshop and InDesign to create quarter-size files to the manufacturer specifications.