Songwriter’s Cafe Meetup Group

Today I attended another roundtable session of my favourite group – Songwriter’s Cafe Toronto. The group normally meets once a month where members present a song they have written, either live or recorded. The group then engages in  friendly, constructive feedback for the writer. Some members come only to listen, which is welcomed. Criticism is generally positive, with many suggestions for improvement. Genres vary widely from pop, folk, rock, electronic, rap, instrumental, spoken word, and others.

This round I presented an instrumental piece in which my objective was to keep things simple and restrained without being boring. The feedback was very positive, and as often is the case with my instrumental pieces, members say how it evokes a very particular scene in an imagined movie.

It’s truly amazing to be in a group of such talented musicians and writers, and be able to discuss the creative process in a critical and respectful manner.


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