Gigging with Beige Shelter

I’ve been playing drums and percussion for a while for singer-songwriter Adi Aman, aka Beige Shelter. The band name comes from Adi’s feeling that the colour beige is neutral and can express a wide range of emotions, and music being the place of shelter where he can best express them.

I started my collaboration with Adi as his producer. We’ve worked through twelve songs for his debut album release later this year. He expressed an interest in performing more to promote the album and get his music heard. I volunteered to back him up on percussion. So far I’ve played a drumkit when it’s available, and also cajon and shaker. In the future, we hope to rope in a bassist and lead guitarist.

Our gig at Page One cafe in downtown Toronto felt like our first “real” show. We had a great turnout, thanks to our friends and to FXRRVST and Madison Galloway, our supporting performers. I’ve branded my look, always performing in a pressed shirt and bowtie.

Beige Shelter performing at Page One
Beige Shelter performing at Page One

So far it’s been a high performing with Adi. His songs are very well written (we even co-wrote on one of them) and his performances are passionate and energetic. Together I think we make a good team, as I also give him tips on improving his performance and creating interesting song arrangements.

There’s nothing quite like getting on stage on putting on a show of great original songs. You get into a “zone” where the world around you fades into the background and for a moment, it’s all about the music.


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  1. We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings in performing as a duo back (Neel and myself) in March 2016 in small venues..Now we perform as a quartet who have played at places such as Lee’s Palace, The Smiling Buddha, Sneaky Dee’s, The Cavern. Neel’s contribution to us finding our sound is immense, with his diverse style of playing the cojon – from being hard hitting/manic to soft and mellow shaping our sound. This not only is comparable to most bands with kits but also makes us stand out as being a diverse sounding yet semi-minimalist band. We have an alternative-indie rock vibe which is supplemented by our bassist Tom’s groovy licks and our lead guitar Karan’s face melting solos + riffs. Our plans to evolve our sound remain as we continue to grow as a band with great support from Neel, Tom and Karan. Expect a dash of indian music/instrumentation combined with indie-alt.rock in the near future 😉

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