Distillery District Christmas Market

I returned to the Distillery District for their annual Christmas Market. Taking photos at night time can be tricky. First, a tripod is absolutely essential, as you can count on your shots having longer exposure times and shooting by hand would only result in blurry photos. In the digital realm, using a tripod also allows you to reduce your ISO and produce cleaner images with less grain.

The second thing to consider is that scenes at night in urban environments are extremely contrasting. Electric lights fight against the darkest shadows. Our eyes can easily adapt to the high contrast, but our cameras have less ability here. For some shots, I decided to expose for the light. This leaves the darkest area completely in black. The photo of the clocks are a perfect example, where the walls they are on completely disappear, and the detail in the clockface are clear, giving them the impression of floating in the air.

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