Counterfeit Lampshades

Counterfeit Lampshades album cover

Mondo Art’s Music Factory’s debut album, Counterfeit Lampshades, is an eclectic mix of rock, electronica and retro new wave. His music has been described by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation pop culture critic Eli Glasner as, “The love child between They Might Be Giants and Rush, with some Thomas Dolby thrown in for good measure.” Neel wrote, produced and recorded the entire album in his home studio, using only his keyboard for all the instruments, including some melodic guitar riffs. His lyrics range from thoughtful and meditative to downright silly; there’s at least a touch of whimsy in most of his songs. Being a drummer at heart, rhythms are always a key element of his writing, especially the sci-fi epic Telepathic Androids which plays out in 9/4 time. Counterfeit Lampshades is the culmination of three years of songwriting, after many years of instrumental writing, drumming, and producing.

You can listen to Counterfeit Lampshades in its entirety and/or download the album for free at these websites. Downloads also include a PDF insert with lyrics and credits.

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