Beige Shelter interview on Passion Projects

Neel, Tom, and Adi being interviewed by Kayla Douglas

Beige Shelter had the pleasure of being interviewed on Passion Projects TV. I’m the percussionist, occasional songwriter, and producer for the band. Our host was journalism student Kayla Douglas. We talked about:

  • the band name and where it came from
  • our debut album, Rumours We Make, Paths We Take
  • songwriting and collaborating
  • performing cover songs
  • as a great place to form meaningful friendships
  • our passion for mental health awareness, and our 2017 single, Light Your Way
  • funny things that happened at some of our gigs
  • what’s in store for the future of the band

It was great fun and Kayla did a great job with her questions for us. Watch the whole interview below:

We are LIVE here being interviewed by Kayla Douglas! Tune in to watch us (Beige Shelter) talk about our music, our lives and our future plans.Thank you Sameena for allowing us to use your studio to broadcast this live stream!

Posted by Adi Aman on Saturday, January 27, 2018

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