Hayley Stewart-Moran

hayley-stewart-moranI’ve been working for a few weeks now with a local singer-songwriter named Hayley.  This work is quite unique in that Hayley has written lyrics and melodies, but no music, even though she plays ukulele and cello.  So as she repeatedly sings her melodies, I hammer out some piano parts, with the help of a tuner to know for sure what notes she’s singing.

Her songs have a laid back, jazzy feel, with big-band choruses and lyrics reflecting her experiences from a recent trip overseas.  Hayley is planning on releasing an EP with 12 songs in total.

For some of the songs, she’ll be adding some cello, and I will be adding some percussion and horns on keyboard.

So far it’s been a pleasure working with Hayley!

Orchid Show

I had the opportunity to join a group of photographers for a special shoot. We arranged to enter the show before it was open to the public, and we were permitted to use tripods.

The group gave pointers before the event to use a middle f-stop (f5.6 or f8)  to ensure you get the entire orchid in focus, and make sure you have a soft or black background. Use of the tripod and remote trigger was essential to eliminate any camera shake and get the sharpest possible images.

ONPHA Blog – writeON

I was responsible for developing a fresh, new visual scheme for the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association’s new blog. The site also needed to be user-friendly enough for other staff to create and edit their own posts.

Content was developed by other staff, while I provided copy editing and tagging for use on the blog.

The site can be seen at writeon.onpha.on.ca.