Dufferin Islands, Niagara Falls

Folks in Toronto make Niagara Falls a usual destination, sometimes going there for the heck of it. Visit the falls, of course, maybe the casino, and take in the ridiculous sights of Clifton Hill.

Just west of the Falls, a lovely little spot known as Dufferin Islands, a quiet, secluded, man-made area of little ponds, trees, and waterfowl, is a world away from the hustle bustle of Niagara Falls.

I spent some time there after a conference I was attending in Niagara Falls, and took some photos.

Autumn Photo Meetup

I went on an early morning photographer’s meetup at a park in Toronto to capture some of the autumn highlights. First thing in the morning, the light is warmed and the shadows more forgiving. The day’s first light basks your subjects, be they people, buildings, or nature, in a special glow that far too quickly gives way to the harsh, cold light of midday.